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What we've been up to over the last year

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If you're checking us out for the first time, a long time user, or just checking in on us, please take a look at the various improvements we've made this year, and see if your favorite feature idea made it:

All musicians

  • A custom-built iOS app that gives users a fast & beautiful native experience on their iOS devices.
  • We released a major update to our Piano levels. 8 and a half levels, chords, and more!
  • Tone Sets for Elementary and Middle School Vocal Students


  • Multi-Part Band, Strings, and Orchestra
  • Custom Levels allow teachers to share highly customized difficulty levels with their students.
  • Compose music in only four measures - great for younger musicians!
  • Assignments are now recorded using "HTML5 audio", a technology built in to all modern web browsers. No more Flash plugin! We have been thrilled with the quality and performance of the HTML5 microphone.
  • Thanks to our new HTML Microphone, students can now take assignments right in their Android browser - no custom app needed! This functionality is currently in Beta, and requires Android 5.0 or newer and Chrome browser version 48 or newer.

Fine Arts Coordinators & School Districts

  • We partnered with the Virginia Choral Directors Association (VCDA) to implement their All-Virginia Chorus audition criteria. Now anyone preparing for the All-Virginia Chorus audition can quickly and easily generate unlimited sight reading exercises that are aligned with the All-Virginia Chorus audition criteria. If you would like your organization/district/state standards implemented in SightReadingFactory, please get in touch!

What features would you like to see added in the coming year? Let us know!