Tone Sets for Elementary and Middle School Vocal Students

We have had many requests from elementary and middle school vocal teachers to be able to customize the music in such a way as to exclude certain pitches from a range of notes. For example, eliminating Fa from the Mi -> La range of notes so you just have the notes Mi, Sol and La. Or eliminating Fa and Ti from the Do -> High Do range of notes so that you have the notes Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La, High Do. Because there are certain sets of notes that are commonly used when teaching singing at a young age, we created a series of prepared Tone Sets. These Tone Sets when selected will generate music based on specific groups of tones.

For instance, in the first example above you would select the following Tone Set

Select your tone set

Then, you can select your level of rhythmic difficulty or choose ‘Custom’ to customize the rhythms exactly to your needs

Select your tone set level

Next, you would select a time signature and a key signature

Select the time signature for the tone set

Select the key signature for the tone set

You are then ready to generate unlimited sight reading exercises based on this tone set and your configuration.

Tone set for elementary music educators on Sight Reading Factory

As always please feel free to contact us and let us know your feedback and comments.

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