Music Educator FAQ

Can my students use this service?

Yes, educators have the option of purchasing accounts for their students at a highly discounted rate. These accounts give students unlimited access to Sight Reading Factory® for one year and a way to practice the very important skill of sight reading on their own. The accounts for the educator and students are also linked so that the educator can track usage, monitor progress, and give assignments for assessments.

For more information on the benefits of student accounts, see Feature Focus: Student Accounts.

Does SRF have integrations with any Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Yes. In addition to SRF having its own fully functional LMS with a gradebook and student/classroom management features, SRF is also integrated with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and MusicFirst.

Check out our Integrations page for more information.

Does SRF offer any Single Sign-On (SSO) options?

Yes. In addition to the “Sign in with Google” feature which lets you sign in to SRF with your Google Account, students and teachers who are integrated with Clever, Classlink, Canvas, Schoology, or MusicFirst can access SRF directly through those services without needing a separate login to SRF.

Check out our Integrations page for more information.

Can I use to assess my students?

Yes. Educators can create sight reading assignments for students to complete by recording themselves and submitting the recording to the educator for grading.

For more information and videos on how to create assignments for your students, see Feature Focus: Assignments for Educators

Note: Students can complete Sight Reading Factory assignments on smartphones (iPhone or Android), tablets, laptops, Chromebooks or other netbooks, and desktops. SRF is compatible with modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Check out our System Requirements page for more detailed information.

Can my students use Sight Reading Factory on their smartphones and tablets?

Yes. SRF is browser-based so in addition to being able to use SRF on laptops, desktops, Chromebooks and other netbooks, your students can use Sight Reading Factory and record their sight reading assignments on iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads and Android tablets. Sight Reading Factory is compatible in the Safari browser on iPhones/iPads and is compatible in the Chrome browser on Android smartphones/tablets.

Check out our System Requirements page for more detailed information.

Can I use SRF to practice ensemble sight reading with the whole class?

Yes, you can - sight reading as a group is easy with Sight Reading Factory! With SRF you can generate full ensemble music (unison or multiple-part) for choir, concert band, string orchestra, or full orchestra. Our ensemble sight reading can be projected onto a screen for everyone to read from, they can be printed out, or you can use our exciting Live Practice feature for practicing as an ensemble. With the Live Practice feature, you can generate a full ensemble exercise from your device, and your students’ individual parts are cast out to their individual devices.

Can I register using a school/organization purchase order?

Yes, to register using a purchase order follow the instructions below.

  • Print and complete the Order form for purchase orders→
  • Email or mail order form and purchase order to:
    GraceNotes, LLC
    1321 Upland Drive, Suite 12621
    Houston, Texas 77043

Do you offer multiple educator/school district bulk pricing?

Yes, we offer substantial discounts for bulk orders such as multiple educators or large district orders. Check out this article for more information on our bulk/district pricing options and how to get your district started with

Can I purchase additional student accounts?

Yes, you can purchase more student accounts by going to your account page while logged in and selecting 'Extend your subscription/Buy student accounts'. You can also order additional student accounts using a purchase order and Sight Reading Factory® Order Form