Student Codes

How many students actually have the resources to practice the very important skill of sight reading on their own? Very few have spare sheet music lying around that they have never read before that they can use for sight reading. But almost all students have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Using any of those devices, students have at their fingertips a virtually unlimited supply of sight reading material at that can be customized exactly to their needs. Student Accounts offer a way for the educator to give their students access to use Sight Reading Factory® on their own on any device that has an internet connection.

Some benefits to having student accounts include:

  • Students have access to unlimited sight reading material to practice on their own.
  • Assessment tool with the Assignments and Recording Feature
  • Student accounts are linked to the educator account for monitoring progress and viewing reports on student usage.
  • Students can actually prepare for auditions that require sight reading!
  • Practice enhancements that can aid the student in their practicing including: metronome, audio playback, ability to record themselves and listen back to it, opening pitch options, cursor, and disappearing measures.

Assessment - Assignments and Recording

Educators can organize students into classes and create assignments for their students. Students complete these assignments by recording themselves performing a sight reading exercise (configured by their teacher) and then submitting it back to their teacher. The teacher can then see the music the student performed, listen to their recording, and give a grade and comments which the student can review. Watch the video below or visit the following links for more information on the assignments feature.

Feature Focus: Assignments for Educators
Feature Focus: Assignments for Students


Educators can view reports on their students’ usage of the site and monitor their progress. The Reports Page can be accessed via a link on the right column of the Dashboard. You can view reports on such things as # of exercises generated, key signatures used, time signatures used, level progress over time, session length, and more.

Student Account FAQ

How do I get started with student accounts?

  1. Educator buys student accounts and receives a Student Code. Student Accounts are discounted by volume. Use the Student Account Calculator on the Pricing Page to determine the cost for your number of students.
  2. Educator gives Student Code to students.
  3. Students redeem the code and register and then are linked to their educator’s account and have unlimited access to Sight Reading Factory® for one (1) year.

How do my students activate their account?

  1. Go to
  2. Select the appropriate age group.
  3. Enter the student code provided by the instructor in the Student Code field.
  4. Complete the registration information.

The student is now registered and ready to use Sight Reading Factory®!

How do I manage my students' login information?

You can view and edit a student's name and username/email address or set a password for a student by:

  1. Go to the 'Students' tab on the Dashboard
  2. Search for the student and click 'Details' for that student
  3. Click the 'Update' button
  4. You are now on a page where you can update their name and email address/username and set their password.