Focus on the Sight Reading Factory iOS app


The Sight Reading Factory iOS app is available for free in the App Store. This app gives SRF users a great mobile experience while sight reading on their iOS devices

Device requirements:

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 8.3 or later. The app does require an active subscription to and an internet connection or data plan.

What the app can do:

  1. Students can launch and record assignments
  2. Fully featured Timed and Regular Practice modes - unlimited sight reading exercises
  3. All audio features available

What the app can’t do (yet) compared to the web version:

  1. No classroom management features for teachers
  2. Can’t view reports
  3. Can’t customize ensembles

How to generate sight reading exercise

Choose 'Go Practice' from Dashboard and select your instrument

Select a level of difficulty right for you or choose 'Custom' to customize the settings exactly to your needs

Choose your time signature and key signature

Review your choices and tap 'Settings' to set the measure count and optional annotations

Choose 'Timed Practice' to generate sight reading with a countdown timer and optional metronome track, disappearing measures or cursor

Generate your sight reading exercise. Tap the 'Play' icon to listen to an audio recording of the example. Tap 'Another' to generate more exercises.

How to take an assignment

Choose 'Assignments' from Dashboard, select 'Current' and tap the assignment you wish to take.

Review the instructions and tap 'Launch Assignment' to select and review your settings and generate the music.

After the countdown timer has expired start performing the exercise while your device records you.

Listen to your performance and submit it to your teacher for review or generate a new sight reading exercise and try again.

How to review an assignment

Choose 'Assignments' from Dashboard, select 'Completed' and tap the assignment you wish to review.

Tap 'Review Teacher Feedback' to see any comments your teacher left and tap 'Review' see the music and listen to the recording that you made.