Introducing Custom Levels

In early 2015, we introduced fully customizable sight reading. This incredibly powerful feature allows you to set the range, rhythms, leaps, articulations, accidentals, and dynamics exactly to your needs or the needs of your students. We've been thrilled to see the creative uses you have found for it.

Today, we're excited to announce a big enhancement to customizable sight reading: "Custom Levels". Custom Levels allow educators to make their own fully customizable difficulty levels and easily share them with their students. Students automatically see these custom levels when configuring their practice sessions. Educators can also associate their custom levels with assignments, allowing students to quickly and accurately launch their assignments. No more long written instructions for your students on what custom settings to select! Now students simply select your custom level. We think custom levels will make it much easier for students to reliably take advantage of your customizable sight reading settings.

Custom levels are currently only available for educators with student accounts. You can get started by going to the levels tab on your dashboard. All other users can save complex configurations by using our new "Saved Configurations" feature. Just use the "Save" button on Recent Configurations tab, and the configuration will be saved to your Saved tab.

What do you think of custom levels & customizable sight reading? Let us know!

Learn how get started with custom levels: Feature Focus: Custom Levels

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