NYSSMA® Standard at SightReadingFactory.com

Attention NYSSMA® enthusiasts!

You can now generate sight reading exercises at SightReadingFactory.com that are aligned with the NYSSMA® standard! We took great care to ensure that our algorithm for composing unlimited sight reading exercises meets the criteria specified in the NYSSMA® standard for sight reading. So you now have an easy, effective and efficient way to prepare for the sight reading portion of the NYSSMA® festival.

Update August, 2017: Standards are now much more closely integrated into the site!
To get started composing NYSSMA®-compliant pieces, log in and go to your Preferences tab on your dashboard and select the NYSSMA® standard and any others you wish to use. The next time you practice, you'll be able to select NYSSMA® instruments and levels. To learn more about our standards integration, including how standards can be used with your student practice & assignments, click here.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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