Custom levels

Educators can create and save their own fully customized difficulty levels and easily share them with their students. This allows you to have easy access to preferred customization settings without having to set it up for each practice session. Also, if you associate any saved custom levels with your classes, your students in those classes will be able to select those saved custom levels when launching their practice sessions instead of having to select the customization settings themselves. You can also preset any saved custom levels when creating assignments, ensuring your students are taking an assignment with the correct custom settings.

Creating a custom level

To create a custom level, click on the 'Levels' tab of the Dashboard, click the 'New' link, and complete the form. When setting up the level you will be able to:

Name the the custom level

Associate the level to a class or classes - Any students who play an instrument for which the custom level is configured and is in a class for which the custom level is associated will have access to the custom level in a practice session. You are also able to preset any custom levels for an assignment for a class which the custom level is associated.

Select the rhythm attributes for the level - You can select the exact rhythms and rests you want included in the music and set the rhythm difficulty (how many fast rhythms per measure). You can also toggle other settings such as syncopation, ties, staccatos, slurs and accents

Select the pitch attributes for the level - You can configure pitch ranges for individual instruments or groups of instruments. Note: the custom level will only be available to those instruments for which you have configured a range. You can also set the leap size (maximum or custom) and toggle other settings such as accidentals, dynamics, and whether or not the exercise must start on tonic.

Using custom levels in a practice session

Educators and their students who start a practice session and select an instrument for which the custom level has been configured will see that custom level as option on the 'Level' tab.

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Using custom levels for assignments

When setting up an assignment for your students, you can preset any saved custom levels so that the customization settings are already configured for your students when they launch the assignment. To preset a custom level to an assignment, be sure that the custom level is associated with the class for which you are creating the assignment. Then, in the 'Configuration' section of the assignment set-up, select your custom level from the drop down choices under 'Level'. Your students will then be able to launch that assignment with the customization settings pre-configured for them.

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