What we've been up to over 2015

Sometimes getting the word out about new features is almost as difficult as creating the features themselves! If you're checking us out for the first time, a long time user, or just checking in on us, please take a look at the various improvements we've made this year, and see if your favorite feature idea made it:

All musicians

  • An iOS app coming in October - our #1 request! Students can take assignments right on their iOS device. Any musician will enjoy the smooth and snappy iOS experience.
  • Fully customizable sight reading.
  • Rhythm-only sight reading
  • A new mobile-friendly user interface for configuring your exercises.
  • Tons of improvements to our sheet music rendering process.
  • Lots of behind the scenes changes to boost site performance, especially for non-U.S. customers.


  • Improved classroom management: pre-select much more configuration for student assignments, archive classes, clone assignments, streamlined grading, overdue assignment turn-in
  • Improved student management: students can now enroll themselves in classes, teacher can manage account information & password for student.
  • Many improvements to our assignment microphone: Flash errors have been reduced by 96%.
  • Younger students can now register without providing an email address.

Fine Arts Coordinators & School Districts

  • Special district pricing
  • Administrative features for subscribing & managing a group of teachers
  • Music First integration

We'll be working hard throughout the 2015-2016 school year to continue improving. Update: See what worked on during the '15-'16 school year

What do you want to see added? Let us know!

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