Spring Updates

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months with several releases that included new features, updates, and fixes. Below are some of those exciting changes.

Music and notation feature improvements

  • Rhythm-only sight reading now available
  • Solfege and pitch names have been moved below the notes
  • Annotations (solfege and pitch names) now available for ensembles
  • Cursor now available for piano and multiple part choir
  • Keyboard shortcut for listening to opening pitch - press the "o" key
  • General improvements and fixes to notation rendering

Assignment, classroom management and student management improvements

  • Assignments can now be turned in past the due date and are labeled “late”
  • Many improvements to assignment launching
  • Educators can now optionally set the level, key signature, and/or time signature for assignments
  • Educators now set measure count for an assignment
  • Educators can now update student login information (name, username, email, and password)
  • Students now have option to enroll themselves into classes (rather than a teacher having to enroll every student)
  • Younger students can now register with a username instead of email address and last initial instead of last name.

What we’re working on now

  • Full-featured iPad/iPhone app which will allow students to complete assignments on these devices
  • Guitar sight reading with chord symbols and slash notation
  • More management features for schools and districts
  • Making the site speedier

What features and improvements would you like to see? Let us know!

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