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Summer 2018 Updates

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Here at the start of a new summer at Sight Reading Factory, we've updated the site with some exciting new features.

New Time Signatures

First, we've added some new time signatures for you to challenge yourself: 3/8, 3/2, and 4/2. We still have plans for adding more time signatures, as well as implementing meter changes. Stay tuned!

New LMS Features for Assignments

For teachers with student accounts we added a 'Release Date' feature for assignments. For all the teachers out there on summer break, you can now take your time and plan out your SRF assignments for the next school year. You can set a release date for each assignment which would hide that assignment from your students' dashboard until you want them to see it.

We also implemented another improvement to our LMS for teachers with student accounts. Teachers can now optionally choose to be notified by email when their students submit an assignment for grading. There are convenient links in the email which allow teachers to access the student submission to be graded quickly and easily.

Both of these features can be accessed when creating or editing an assignment.

Mississippi All-State Choir Audition Standard

Finally, for those students in Mississippi auditioning for All-State Choir, you can now generate virtually infinite exercises based on that criteria in order to better prepare for that audition. This standard is in addition to the current standards that we support for Virginia and New York. We have plans for others as well. If you'd like to see the standard for your state or organization, let us know!

Contact us and let us know anything else you'd like to see!