Try the new Sight Reading Factory beta!

Update! February 27, 2019: Assignment mode is now available in the beta!

We're more than a little excited to announce the beta release of the all-new Sight Reading Factory mixer and music pages! The beta is currently available for all users. Here's what you you'll find with the new music pages:

First-class mobile experience

Our primary goal was to rebuild practice and assignments from the ground up so that they were easy to use on mobile devices. We think the result is a mobile experience that’s as fun and easy as using the site on your laptop.

Music that scales

We wanted music that scales from your mobile device all the way up to a classroom projector. You should be focused on sight reading, not scrolling or zooming. The new music page now intelligently rearranges music to make the most of the space available on your screen. We’ll do our best to fill the screen with well-balanced music, and automatically scroll if it doesn’t all fit. Phone users will get a better view of their music. Educators who use a projector with their ensembles can now create much longer ensemble exercises.

More powerful tools for interacting with your music.

Our third goal was to provide a more powerful practice and assignment environment. After years of using the current practice and assignment modes, we had lots of ideas and customer feedback, but most didn’t fit with the old design. We wanted to start from scratch with all of these ideas in mind. There are too many enhancements and improvements to list here, but these are some of the more popular requests that have been addressed:

  • Ability to play the synthesized audio along with the cursor and/or disappearing measures features.
  • Record yourself when practicing. Replay the recording along with tools like a cursor, disappearing measures, etc to see how you did.
  • Turn on “auto-advance” to automatically advance to a new exercise as you complete them.
  • Set the metronome & synthesized audio to subdivide the beat.

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself! You can switch back at any time. If you’d like to try the beta of our new practice mode, please login or subscribe and then check “Try the NEW! (Beta)” on the Preferences tab on your dashboard, and then click “Save”. 

Please try the Beta and let us know what you think!

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