SRF & Schoology Integration

Attention Schoology users! SRF now has a Schoology integration that provides direct access to SRF from your Schoology Account. Features of the SRF/Schoology integration include:

  • Teachers and students can access SRF directly through their Schoology accounts. (Teachers and students don’t need to remember/manage separate logins to SRF now!)
  • Teachers can create and edit SRF assignments directly from their Schoology accounts.
  • Students can launch assignments from their Schoology accounts.
  • Teachers can quickly grade all student submissions in SRF and those grades are automatically sent to their Schoology gradebook.
  • Students can see their feedback and review their assignments from Schoology.
  • Teachers and students can launch SRF practice sessions directly from their Schoology accounts.

Check out this article which has information on how you can get started with the SRF/Schoology integration.

Let us know what you think of the integration!

The Sight Reading Factory Team

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