Introducing the Dashboard

Today we're excited to introduce a new feature called "The Dashboard". The dashboard offers reports and charts about what kind of music you've been practicing, and when you've been practicing. Educators can track overall class progress, or generate reports on specific students. You can refine your reports by date range. Here's some of the reports we're offering for starters:

  • The Sessions report shows how often, and for how long you have used the site. Educators can assign "15 minutes of SightReadingFactory per night", and check that their students practiced. As a personal user, you can set a goal of 2 hours of practice per week, and track your success.
  • The "Level Progress Over Time" shows the configured difficulty level of your compositions. Are you challenging yourself enough? Use this report to see if you've been trying harder and harder compositions.
  • The Key Signature, Time Signature, Instrument and Measure Count break down how you or your students have been configuring your sight reading. Have you been doing enough minor key signatures? Have your students been practicing cut time? Find out with these reports.

We're excited about the dashboard, but we're just getting started. What reports do you want to see? Let us know.

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