Sight Reading Factory:The Perfect Companion to Group Piano

Many are familiar with Sight Reading Factory's effectiveness for individual instruments and ensembles, but have you realized the transformative impact it can bring to group piano classes?

While projecting a sight-reading exercise onto a board can be an option, the physical arrangement of digital pianos might impede a clear view for every student. Not to mention, students in a group setting often vary in skill levels. One of the simplest ways to address this is for each student to have their own individual SRF account. With sight reading exercises on personal devices, students can access exercises tailored to their abilities, ensuring a seamless and inclusive learning experience. Furthermore, our cutting-edge feature, "Live Practice," will take your classes to an even greater level.

Personalized Free Practice: From raw beginners to seasoned pianists, every student can practice at their optimal level. For instance, beginners can practice on level ½ where thumbs share middle C, while advanced students can delve into varied keys, time signatures, and even levels. Handy features such as fingerings or note names further aid the learning process. This can occur anytime during class with individual devices and headphones.

Collective Sight Reading: With Live Practice, you can cast the same sight reading example to every student's device. As the instructor, first define the parameters of the sight reading (level, time signature, and key signature). On the final screen, choose the ‘Live Practice’ option. Once students join the Live Practice session, everyone gets the same piece, ensuring collective participation. This synchronicity is a game-changer – it allows real-time discussions, ensuring everyone is, quite literally, on the same page.

Piano player taking SRF assignment

Pass the Phrase: This fun activity involves casting a common exercise to students’ devices via “Live Practice”. Students can go around the room and each play a measure, without headphones, allowing shared listening and feedback.

Competitive Challenge: Ignite a friendly competition with “Live Practice”! Start at a basic level and let students up the ante by having the teacher adjust the keys, levels, time signatures, tempos, and so on, until a victor emerges.

Assignment Tailoring with Individual Accounts: With student accounts, teachers can send assignments based on their preferences and tailored to the needs of the student. Say a new piece being learned is in A Major and 6/8 time. You can assign sight reading tasks echoing these parameters but slightly easier, reinforcing literature concepts and ensuring a holistic learning experience. Students can listen to their assignment before submitting to self-assess. When submitted, teachers will be able to see the exercise, listen to the recording, and grade the assignments.

In summary, Sight Reading Factory is a game-changer for group piano classes. With features that allow students to sight read together in class and the option to create and grade assignments, this is a potent tool for effective pedagogy. Check it out today and let us know what you think!

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