The best way to practice sight reading & sight singing.

Sight Reading Factory makes practicing sight reading fun, easy & effective with unlimited sight reading exercises for educators, students & hobbyists.

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Sight Reading Factory makes it easy to practice sight reading.

Regular sight reading practice is the key to improving your sight reading ability, but it requires a lot of new material.

Sight Reading Factory's unique algorithm for composing music on demand makes practicing sight reading easy & fun. You'll never practice the same music twice!

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Real, Generated Music

SRF generates exercises that follow standard music composition techniques so that they are rhythmically and harmonically appealing and still sound like real music.

Save Time & Effort

Quickly and easily generate quality sight reading in a fraction of the time you would normally spend looking for or composing your own sight reading.

Multiple Difficulties

SRF has multiple levels of difficulty that progress with more complex rhythms, larger leaps, expanded ranges, and increased accidentals. Anyone from beginning level students to the most seasoned musician can generate music appropriate to their abilities.

Unlimited Exercises

Generate brand new exercises that are composed instantly and on-demand every time you practice. Never run out of sight reading material for piano, guitar, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

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Built to be Customized

Customize sight reading exercises to your specific needs or the needs of your students. Select from our stock difficulty levels or customize the exercises by selecting the exact rhythms, range and other attributes such as leaps, accidentals, dynamics and articulations. You can also choose from a large variety of time signatures and all major and minor key signatures.

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Auto Assessment

Receive immediate feedback as you practice. Get a detailed breakdown on your accuracy, timing and intonation.

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For Schools

Full ensemble sight reading exercises can be projected to the front of the classroom for choir, concert band or orchestra to practice sight reading together. Educators can also use the assignments and recording feature as a tool for assessing their students.

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Practice Anywhere

Use SRF to practice sight reading anywhere on virtually any device right in your preferred web browser. iOS users also have the option to use SRF through our iOS app.

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Made for Everyone

Sight Reading Factory helps musicians of all kinds with different goals.


Make practice quick & easy
  • Practice new, fresh music that challenges you as your grow.
  • Prepare for upcoming recitals
  • Keep track of classes and assignments


Customize, create & assess
  • Generate infinite new exercises for your students.
  • Assess your students with the Assignments feature.
  • Customize your exercises to match the skill level of your class.
  • Save time from having to compose or search for sight reading and sight singing exercises.

All Musicians

Improve your skills
  • Practice new, fresh music that challenges you as your grow.
  • Save your practice sessions to keep improving over time.

Practice with national standards

Generate music for ensemble assessments and all-state auditions using popular organizational standards such as those below and many others.

New York State School Music Association
Virginia Choral Directors Association
Florida Vocal Association
Massachusetts Music Educators Association
Illinois Music Education Association

Sight reading available for
over 30 instruments

Unlimited Exercises for Sight Reading & Singing Practice.

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