Sight Reading Factory 2019 Webinar

In case you weren't able to view our live webinar on August 28, 2019, we've uploaded a video recording of the webinar to our YouTube channel for you to watch at your leisure.

Whether you are an experienced SRF user, a new subscriber to SRF, or you are considering purchasing a SRF subscription, there's something to be learned in this webinar as we give an overview of the site as well as talk about all the exciting updates, improvements and new features from the recent implementation of our newly redesigned site. The webinar is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 - Features for All Users

  • How to generate sight reading exercises for solo instruments/voices and ensembles
  • Freeplay vs Challenge modes
  • How to customize the sight reading exercises to your needs or the needs of your students
  • How to sight read with state or organization standards

Part 2 - Features for Music Educators with Student Accounts (starting at about 41:07)

  • How student accounts work
  • How to organize your students into classes
  • How to assess your students with the assignments/recording feature

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Don and Adam

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