Better student management and iOS update

The site was updated this morning with a few new features which should be handy for educators:

  • Archive your students - You may have noticed that students who have graduated remain in your Classroom management pages until their subscription lapses. Today, we're giving you the ability to "Archive" students. Archiving a student removes them from your classroom management without deleting any of their data or interrupting their subscription. They can be un-archived at any time. Just go to your Student tab, and click the "Archive" button next to the student you'd like to archive.
  • Update username & password for students who don't have an expired subscription - when a student wants to extend their subscription from last year, they must log in. Sometimes students forget their passwords over the summer! Now, educators have permission to update the username/password of these students.

iOS update

Unfortunately, we were not able to get the iOS app into the app store by September (update: it's live!). We are still furiously applying polish and bug fixes. The good news: our Beta process has begun, and the app has been submitted to the app store. We are really happy with how it is shaping up.

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