Summer update: Some new features, and exciting changes on the way

Behind the scenes, we've had a busy Spring here at SightReadingFactory. We've dramatically improved performance and added some commonly requested features, such as:

  • Keyboard shortcuts - no more fiddling with the mouse while holding your instrument, just hit 'n' for next exercise, and 'p' to play the audio.
  • Educators can now print in score or parts format
  • Two new instruments: Full Orchestra and the Chromatic Harmonica

But we're more excited about improvements to the site that aren't as obvious. We’ve made some dramatic changes to how your exercises are composed, and this has set us up for some BIG changes in the Fall. We’re working on some powerful rhythm and pitch customization features which will give users much more control. We're also working on some powerful assessment tools to help educators use sight reading in their curriculum.

What features do you want to see on SightReadingFactory? Let us know!

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