Enhancing Musical Mastery: Integrating Sight Reading Factory into Community Music Schools and Private Studios

Many music educators utilize Sight Reading Factory in the classroom, but did you know that it is equally powerful in community music schools and private studios?

Here are some simple ways that you can take advantage of all that Sight Reading Factory has to offer for the private studios:

Playing violin together

Sight Read in Lessons Use Sight Reading Factory to read through a few solo sight reading exercises tailored to exactly what each individual student needs. Bonus points: you can also sight read duets if you both sing or play the same instrument by choosing our choir multipart exercises. Lots of teachers will start lessons with some solo sight reading and end the lesson with a duet.

Guitarist and tablet

Schedule Assignments Being able to hear individual students in between lessons is invaluable. They can self assess with our various playback options or you can listen and leave feedback as the teacher. With practice logs, you can see when and how long each student is practicing.

Band sight reading

Sight Read in Ensembles If your studio has ensembles, you can project or cast parts to individual devices from ensemble scores. Sight read unison or multi-part exercises quickly at the click of a button.

Woman with tablet

Flexible Pricing No matter what your studio size, there is a pricing option that is right for you. Think of this as a concierge service. You can build your tuition costs with a yearly SRF subscription included.

How do you get better at reading music? By practicing reading music! If you are a private instructor or teacher at a community music school, having access to quickly and easily obtain sight reading materials is invaluable. Especially if you offer instructions on a variety of instruments and abilities. You do not need to have an inventory of sight reading books, which takes up precious real estate in your studio, you just need the best sight reading product on the market on your favorite device. To find out more about Sight Reading Factory feel free to contact us.

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