New features for improving the core sight reading experience

Today, we're excited to announce our next batch of improvements. For this release, we focused on enhancing the core sight reading experience.

New Practice Aids

Before you generate your sight reading, you will see several new options that you can choose from to serve as practice aids. You will be able to choose from the following new features:

  • Countdown Timer - Often, when taking auditions, you will have only a short time to study the piece before you must begin playing or singing. Using the countdown timer at can help you prepare for those situations.
  • Disappearing Measures - When a measure is completed, it is erased from the staff. This helps you practice one of the most important sight reading habits - do not look back!
  • Note Cursor - A cursor follows the current note to show you where you should be playing.
  • Metronome Accompaniment - A metronome accompaniment is a great audio cue for keeping the beat.

Note Annotations

During timed or untimed practice, users can now "annotate" their music. Annotations are small markings above each notes of an exercise. Annotations include:

  • Solfege (Voice only) - Choose between Fixed Do, Movable Do & La Based Minor, Movable Do & Do Based Minor
  • Pitch Names (Voice and pitch-based instruments)
  • Fingerings (Piano)

Play opening pitch

Vocalists can now hear the opening pitch of their exercise. Click opening pitch selector above the exercise at any time.

Keyboard hot keys

No more fumbling with your mouse while holding your instrument. Hit 'n' on your keyboard to advance to the next exercise, or 'p' to play the audio.

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