Introducing Live Practice

The idea for Sight Reading Factory was born out of the need for having ensemble sight reading material ready at the touch of a button. A teacher's classroom time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent passing out and collecting music to just read one time for sight reading. Since 2012, SRF has been a leader in providing sight reading for ensembles and saving teachers tons of time and energy. And now, we are taking ensemble sight reading to the next level with a feature found nowhere else on the market:

Introducing Live Practice: a revolutionary way to sight read as an ensemble.

With Live Practice, ensemble exercises can be split into separate parts and cast out to your students’ connected devices.

Live Practice

While projecting ensemble music is definitely easier than handing out music, this new and exciting feature displays each student’s part on their device, right in front of them. Perhaps you have students who struggle to read projected music. Perhaps reading from an entire score is challenging. With live practice, these challenges cease to exist.

Here is how it works:

  1. Configure an ensemble exercise.
  2. Choose “Live Practice” to start the session.
  3. Your students join the session with their Sight Reading Factory account using a phone, tablet, or Chromebook/laptop.
  4. Students select their instrument and then they are presented with just their part.

Whenever you generate a new exercise, your students' devices instantly update with the new music.

Check out this page for more detailed instructions on how to get started with Live Practice.

Watch the short video below for a demo of how Live Practice works!

This is such a game changer for ensemble sight reading. And don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some Sight Reading Factory educators have to say about the Live Practice feature:

“We love it. My singers who are used to sight-singing never "enjoyed" doing it in class. Now, they beg me to do it daily. We are singing in SSA, and SATB, levels 5-7 in class daily. The singers have learned how to sing with accidentals extremely well in such a short period of time.”
- Adam P.

“My students LOVE IT! They are much more excited to sight read this way and have more confidence too.”
- Nathan M.

There’s never been a better time to add this invaluable tool to your teaching repertoire. Need to order student accounts so you can use Live Practice with your ensembles? Visit our Pricing Page to learn more.

The SRF Team

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