Prepare for Your Auditions by Using Sight Reading Factory

Let’s face it: if you are a musician, you have to master the audition process. If you are a music teacher, you have to assist your students in the audition process. More often than not, auditions contain sight reading. How do you prepare yourself or your students as best as possible? Consider Sight Reading Factory® as your #1 resource to help in this endeavor thanks to being easy, convenient, and virtually unlimited in scope!

A recent message from one of our younger student users reads,

I love this website! As an eighth grader preparing for my All-State auditions, this tool is extremely useful for preparation. I love how you can choose your level and key signature. Thanks so much for providing the perfect tool to improve sight reading!

But don’t just take our users’ advice; try it out on your own. Subscribers have access to virtually limitless, musically-based sight reading exercises to help overcome the hurdle of how to practice sight reading. With it working on most devices with the internet, or the old fashioned printed way, there are no more excuses. With the new dashboard, subscribers can track their own progress or monitor their student’s progress. How can we make it simpler, folks?!

From Steve Pruitt at Stallings Island Middle School, we received this message,

We had our district and first round All-State auditions last weekend (hosted here). We had more students selected for the district honor band than any other school and more  all-state finalists than I've ever had in my 13 years teaching middle school. The highest scores correlate very highly with the students who have the most Sight Reading Factory® experience: the 3 top scorers on trumpet, percussion, and saxophone all have close to 300 usages apiece (and the top usage was a 6th grade trumpeters - who made district honor band competing against 7th & 8th graders!). Thanks again for your excellent resource.

There you have it. Try us out and let us know what you think. Your judges thank you in advance!   Share this article

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